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☺ = alt + 1
☻ = alt + 2
♥ = alt + 3
♦ = alt + 4
♣ = alt a 5
♠ = alt a 6
• = alt + 7
◘ = alt + 8
○ = alt + 9
◙ = alt a 10
♂ = alt a 11
♀ = alt a 12
♪ = alt a 13
♫ = alt + 14
☼ = alt + 15
► = alt + 16
◄ = alt a 17
↕ = alt a 18
‼ = alt + 19
¶ = alt + 20
§ = alt + 21
▬ = alt + 22
↨ = alt + 23
↑ = alt + 24
↓ = alt + 25
→ = alt + 26
← = alt + 27
∟ = alt + 28
↔ = alt + 29
▲ = alt + 30
▼ = alt + 31
! = alt + 33
" = alt + 34
# = alt + 35
$ = alt + 36
% = alt + 37
& = alt + 38
' = alt + 39
@ = alt + 64
™ =alt + 0153
› = alt + 0155
Ł = alt + 0163
¤ = alt + 0164
¦ = alt + 0166
© = alt + 0169
« = alt + 0171
® = alt + 0174
± = alt + 0177
ł = alt + 0179
» = alt + 0187
÷ = alt + 5622
┤= alt + 6324
Ş = alt + 6328
† = alt + 0134

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